As promised I’m sharing a recipe for one of the healthy dairy/gluten/sugar free treats I make when I’m on the go or just craving something sweet and yummy:) These tasty balls are full of protein and healthy fats and are also suitable for those on paleo or keto diet( if no dried fruit added).
I’m not great with proportions and pretty much go with the flow and just taste to make sure it’s ok.


Coconut flour
Coconut oil
Chia seeds
Nut butter of your choice ( I love pistachio )
Nuts, dried fruit, cacao nibs( optional)

Soak chia seeds till they become jelly-like.
In a small pot heat up coconut oil with the nut butter and stir.Add coconut flour and oil&nut butter to chia seeds and mix.
Add xylitol and water/any non animal milk if needed. Add nuts/ fruit,cacao nibs. Stir ( spoon or hands) and roll into balls.
Keep refrigerated.

You can use almond flour as well, add cinnamon , cocoa powder.

Enjoy 😉