Not only I stay away from gluten ( read my previous post) but dairy as well. And no, I don’t only eat lettuce, eggs and chicken 🙂

I grew up in a country where milk was heavily promoted due to the national dairy industry . All children were given a glass of milk at school and posters saying ” Milk is healthy ” or” Drink milk . You’ll become great” were everywhere.
No one ever questioned the qualities of milk at the time . Luckily things changed.As with gluten there are various theories regarding disadvantages / advantages of consuming dairy products .
I feel much better not having it.
No bloating, less chest and sinus infections ( milk products may increases mucus production), better skin… And I encourage you to give dairy free eating a try too.

Often people with lactose intolerance are being mistakenly diagnosed with IBS ( that happened to me) or other digestive system issues.

Having any of the below symptoms ?
Pain or cramps in the lower belly.
Gurgling or rumbling sounds in the lower belly.
Loose stools or diarrhea.


You might be lactose intolerant …

What is the allergen in cows milk?
Lactose is a disaccharide sugar composed of galactose and glucose . Our bodies use an enzyme called lactase to break down that sugar so we can absorb it into our bodies. It’s said that people with lactose intolerance don’t have enough lactase – enzyme responsible for lactose’s digestion ( produced in the small intestine). But even for people who have not been diagnosed with lactose intolerance :”the activity of lactase becomes reduced after breastfeeding, at that point the body no longer needs as much lactase. Plus mothers milk is much different from the milk of a cow.
The reduction of lactase activity after infancy is a genetically programmed event. Approximately 75 % of Earths population is lactose intolerant for a reason, because it’s perfectly natural.” Read more :

So what to avoid ?
Cows milk, cheese ,cream and products containing it
Therefore you need to chose carefully especially in Italian , French , Mexican restaurants as cheese is a common ingredient of the dishes and sauces ( pesto for instance).

And what to have instead ?

Any plant milk ( available in most supermarkets and very easy to make at home ): almond, coconut , rice, oat, soy, quinoa , hazelnut etc.
Tofu , nut & seed cheeses ( cashew cheese )
Goats cheese , sheep cheese have lower lactose levels so you could also try those and see how you react, feel.

Ghee -also known as clarified butter, which is butter that’s had the milk solids removed.

Whatever your reason for keeping dairy out of your diet, you will not suffer as long as you know what to substitute where.

I’ll share some gluten&dairy free recipes soon.

Keep healthy 👍🏻😘