You can achieve better body transforming results, be much happier and stress free if you ditch the scale !
When you want to lose weight, what you really mean is that you want to lose fat.  The problem is many of us use the words “weight loss” and “fat loss” interchangeably. However, these are two separate concepts.
Losing weight isn’t that hard – for example, you’ll drop a few kilograms  if you sit in a sauna for a while. But it’s the water loss which results in temporary weight reduction, which is usually regained within a few hours. Fat loss which results in permanent weight reduction is much more difficult to achieve.
I have a simple message. “Ditch the scale!” Here’s why:
 1.Body weight is made up of three main components: muscle, water and fat.
Hence, when a person loses weight, this may be because of a loss in one or more of these components. For example, it may be because of a reduction in muscle mass or body water content and have nothing to do with fat loss.  Therefore the scales are not always the best barometer of your progress .
2.Muscle is denser than fat! A kilogram of muscle occupies less space than a kilogram of fat.
Resistance training should be a part of your fat loss regimen ! However, if you’re new to it you may see surprising things on the scales. Your weight might actually not go down, it might increase! Why?
This is because as you are losing fat, you are replacing that weight with muscle.  Your weight may not go down, but your body fat percentage and measurements will.
That’s why you may have two women of the same height same weight looking very different! In effect, there is good weight and bad weight. Your objective should be to choose an exercise regime which promotes good weight and has you looking and feeling fabulous.
3.Glycogen levels  can cause changes in your weight.
Glycogen is a short-term energy source that your body taps into when it needs immediate energy. Carbohydrate rich foods are its primary source.
In terms of your weight, glycogen has an interesting role. 3 to 4 gram of water will bond to a gram of glycogen. That is why many people swear by low carb diets – the truth is that most of the weight loss seen initially is a result of water loss and is temporary.
4.Your salt intake makes you retain water.
Sodium is linked with water retention, and it is the job of your kidneys to expel unneeded sodium out of your body.  Until your kidneys are able to do that, you will temporarily be holding onto extra water.  If your daily water and sodium intake habits change from day to day, this can contribute to your holding onto differing amounts of water, which will cause changes in your daily weight.
 5. Your mood gets affected!
Weighing daily in an obsessive-compulsive-fashion can affect your mood and your self esteem and can trigger eating disorders.
Numbers do not define you!
 Focus on how you feel and how you look! Measure your progress based on how your clothes are fitting, how toned your body is and how much better your daily performance and energy levels are! Don’t strive for perfection, aim for continuous improvement and you will achieve your goals and be the you that you’ve always wanted to be.